There are many options for Base Layers…why wouldn’t there be!!

There is a choice of Merino and synthetic, so the differences?

Merino wool is a responsive natural material that adapts to your body’s temperature, unlike synthetic fibres. This means it keeps you cool when you’re hot and warms you up when you’re cold thanks to lots of tiny air pockets. the wicking properties mean that merino wool takes sweat away from your body. It absorbs the sweat and locks away the smell-causing molecules, which neutralises the smell. You get to keep your friends! Disadvantage…its price.

Synthetic underwear do have good moisture-wicking properties that will help move sweat away from your body, to the outside of the garment where it can evaporate. Most synthetic fibres don’t absorb water either as they are hydrophobic,  so they don’t get particularly heavy when wet and they dry fast. Most synthetic underwear will dry a little bit fast than lightweight merino, but not by much. There is also the ‘stink’ factor. Some manufacturer’s try to treat synthetic fibres with an anti-microbial coating, but this will fade over time. Although we have found using Grangers Active Wash for synthetics helps keep the smells away…at least when you first wear it after a wash. You’ll find that synthetics are cheaper than wool.

There is such a choice of brands, models and prices, that we can’t put them all on here…so please contact us for more information, but here is a sample of which brands we stock and various models



Montane’s Dart Classic collection.

Montane Men’s Dart Zip T-Shirt

Classic, recycled zip neck technical t-shirt.

The Dart Zip T-Shirt is a classic, all-season, all-mountain technical baselayer. The 100% recycled APEX ECO fabric perfectly balances warmth, wicking and breathability and is finished with POLYGIENE® permanent odour control for multi-day freshness.

The first layer you’ll reach for every morning of winter. This thin fleece pull-on is built for mountain ascents in cold conditions, wicking sweat quickly, to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. The Conduit range of baselayers is designed for mountain ascents in cold temperatures. Made with 92% recycled Thermic™ G fleece, they balance breathability and quick wicking with warmth and insulation. Ideal for days when you’re pushing your limits in bitter winter weather.


Merino Long Sleeve half zip Merino base. The ideal base layer. Our 200gsm Merino is designed to keep you warm in cooler temperatures by remaining breathable.  It helps your body regulate its temperature when you’re pushing yourself to the limits.