Crickhowell Adventure started way back in 1977 when Jeff Thomas and John Inns rented the basement of what was then ‘The Cheese Press’, (now Bookish)  in the High Street, Crickhowell. They did not have much stock in the early days and so as the shop was long and narrow with a large chimney breast in the middle, they would move stock across the shop while customers were at the far end to make it look as if there was more! Being keen outdoor enthusiasts with experience throughout the mountains of Europe, they took redundancy from British Steel and having seen there was no outdoor equipment outlet available locally decided to do it themselves.

After a couple of years, the business moved across the road to Number 1 High Street, which is where we still are today, although with a bit more stock than before. So that was our start, all those years ago. Obviously things have changed, John, sadly is no longer with us and Jeff has retired, so it’s up to Jane and gang to keep things going. They’re not doing a bad job as the shop has won an award in The Great Outdoor magazine for the best Independent Outdoor retailer category, of which they are very proud!

All the staff enjoy the outdoors whether walking, long distance and local, and cycling. They are only too happy to test new clothing and equipment as part of their jobs. This means they can advise about products from personal experience, giving customers first-hand advice and super personal service. They enjoy chatting to customers about where they have been and swapping ideas for future ventures…whether yours or theirs!