So you’ve spent a small fortune on buying the correct equipment for your days on the hill….so how to best look after them and extend their life?



Not only do we have we a Grangers Refill station for 2 in 1 washing and waterproofing, we now stock refill pouches…save you money and the, win


This pouch contains 72% less packaging, helping to reduce the carbon footprint and protect the world we all love to explore.

Cleaning and reproofing takes time and that’s not always a luxury when you want to get outside. This 2-in-1 formulation offers powerful cleaning, durable repellency, conserves water and energy and saves time.










Suggested products for Waterproof jackets and trousers…

And for synthetic base layers, we recommend from Grangers, Active wash…really cures the pong, even after washing! Whilst improving wicking…

What about your down jackets and sleeping bags. They too, benefit from a clean!

It’s important to take care of your down so it keeps you warm and dry. Normal detergents shouldn’t be used on down articles as they can hinder the performance by leaving various chemical residues behind and reducing the garment’s ability to insulate or repel water.

Watch the video to show you hydrophobic down

Don’t be scared to wash it either!

Products for caring for Down…

So…how about your footwear? Don’t they deserve a little tlc? Of course they do!!

They do need a clean, nothing worse that peat or poo to degrade your boots…there is always the option of regular soap but this isn’t recommended it as immersing them in regular laundry detergents or washing up liquid might inhibit your gear’s technical features.

We stock both Grangers and Nikwax footwear cleaners.

After they have been cleaned, it’s time to reproof them

A handy video! Always read the instructions before proofing as some products say to apply when the footwear is either dry or wet…top tip of the day